Legal disclaimer

1. Potential buyers for DINERO digital assets, including all the sorts of assets referred to in this whitepaper, must be fully aware of the risks involved around the digital assets, the nature of Casino-like games, gambling dynamics, and cryptocurrency volatility.
2. The DINERO business plan and the white paper information must not be financial, business, investment, or tax advice. Please refer to your professional legal, tax, and financial advisor and your local authorities before making investment decisions.
3. The DINERO business plan does not represent investment securities or an offer document of any kind as it doesn't offer securities in any jurisdiction around the world.
4. The following white paper may contain forward-looking projections that are exclusively based on current beliefs and assumptions we believe to be reasonable in the current market condition and momentum. The business model is based on developing an existing market (sports, online gambling games, and casino-like games). Such business models involve risks and uncertainties, so these projections have no guarantees.
6. DINERO ecosystem may adjust the operating model at any stage as it sees necessary to remain consistent and for the Dapp to be sustainable. The adjustment includes the Dapp fees structure, the tokenomics structure, and the user-experience.
7. The teams, players, competitions used inside DINERO are fantasy elements. We don't intend to use real teams and players' elements in the Dapp. Hence, we don't own any copyrights to the mentioned teams and players.
8. The teams, players, competitions inside DINERO are not by any means commercial commodities. We don't claim selling or trading any type of Merchandising, digital products, or any kind of sales that is related to a real-world competitions and players.
9. DINERO white paper will be constantly updated as the team moves forward with the project development. Please refer to the last version of the whitepaper by constantly checking the document after each project milestone.

Last modified 1mo ago