About us

Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize online betting by introducing brand-new features and functionalities that improve the betting experience, enhance security, and ensure fairness. We achieve that by leveraging blockchain-enabled properties like transparency, traceability, anonymity, trust lessness, decentralization, and scalability.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a seamless user experience that provides one-stop sports betting for all major sports competitions and allows users to extend their betting scope to include teams' performance. We achieve that by developing DINERO Dapp, with the largest portfolio of sports competitions with integrated live performance statistics resources that provide instant data for teams and players' performance for every fixture.

Our Core values

Transparency, fairness, and limitless betting

We strive for transparency and fairness in the game. We achieve that by making all transactions, in DINERO Dapp, including betting, prize allocation, payouts, and withdrawals, available for auditability. Users and third-party safety partners can easily see an in-depth view of the betting prize pools on Etherscan, which ensures transparency, reliability, and fairness.
We change the game by removing limits. We achieve that by giving users unlimited capacity for betting. Users can choose an unlimited number of teams with no cap for the number of participations and no limit for betting size. The platform adjusts the pool of prizes based on the size of the betting pool of each round.

Our Community

Our community includes but is not limited to sports fans, betting players, sports enthusiasts, crypto users, the blockchain community, and sports media. We bring together people from all those different categories in one community to unlock a one-of-a-kind experience in online betting with unlimited possibilities.