DINERO Poker - An Introduction


DINERO Poker leverages the latest crypto-enabled gaming features to introduce it to the traditional poker game. DINERO aims to attract top-level poker players and become one of the largest online poker platforms with significant value-added rewards.
DINERO Poker is the first casino gaming platform to integrate crypto payment functionalities with a seamless online gaming experience, supported by $DINERO token and Ethereum blockchain.
DINERO Poker allows users to create their own customized tournaments and invite their peers into a private game.
DINERO Poker is not structured with a gambling mindset. Instead, it is designed to embrace competitiveness and sportsmanship, enabling friends to play poker together in a custom tournament where they can coordinate, organize, play, and win prizes.

The market size of online poker

In2021, the size of the global online gambling and betting industry is estimated to be 61.5 billion U.S. This market valuation is forecasted to rise to 114.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2028, expecting a growth of over 86%.