DINERO Poker - workframe

Platform Functionalities

Classic Poker tables

Enter classic poker tables, enjoy the game, and bet, play, and win. There are multiple table sizes, and all betting/prizes are in $DINERO.

Poker tournaments

Daily open tournaments for players with different betting sizes and all tiers of players. DINERO Poker tournaments are public and will be announced regularly on Telegram for early registration.

Customized tournaments

DINERO enables crypto projects to organize special tournaments for their community. Crypto communities can host their own tournaments and invite their members for exclusive Poker games.

DINERO poker Shop

Players can buy avatars, chips, and collectibles on the Poker platform with DINERO.

Referral program

DINERO Poker offers a commission-based reward scheme for inviting participants to tournaments. Crypto communities of large projects can have their own referral code to invite all community participants. Allowing the community to raise profits from referrals that can help projects have entertainment while generating revenue at the same time.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals to and from DINERO Poker work in direct dynamics. A dedicated funding wallet and 24/7 administration team to help carry on a seamless deposit/withdrawal process.


After creating a profile, users can top up their DINERO account by depositing $DINERO tokens directly in the app. Users can initiate a deposit by sending $DINERO to the funding wallet address. Once the transaction is complete, they receive the $DINERO balance in their account and then be able to play and use their balance in the poker game.


After winning in poker games, withdrawal works seamlessly by initiating a withdrawal request and specifying the amount to be withdrawn and the wallet address you want to receive funds in. The withdrawal transaction is carried out directly from the funding wallet to the user's wallet.

Deposits and withdrawals limit

The minimum deposit and withdrawal limit is 100k $DINERO.