User Interface

Platform registration and tournament creation/entry


To register on DINERO Poker, you need to submit the following inputs:

User name

A unique user name for each player on the platform. After a user name has been registered, no other players can claim it, and no duplications.

Email address

The active and accessible email address to receive confirmation, restore password and process any following security check.


Unique password to use it to log in to your DINERO Poker account.

Your personal Ethereum Wallet

A wallet address that you have $DINERO on and are ready to receive $DINERO to. The wallet should be on the Ethereum Mainnet to successfully undergo deposits and withdrawals.
For security reasons: only one wallet per user is accepted. Make sure the wallet address you attach is your wallet and you have unconditional and explicit access to it.

Telegram handle

Your telegram handle will add a second layer of verification that ensures no one else is using your DINERO Poker account.

For Your Information

  1. 1.
    Deposits work by sending $DINERO to the funding wallet and then followed by sending a request with the transaction to trigger the balance to appear in your account after the admin reviews it.
2. Withdrawals work by submitting your wallet address to which you want to withdraw your $DINERO and specifying the amount to be withdrawn. Admin will review it and confirm it.
3. The average timeframe for processing deposits and withdrawal transactions is 5 to 10 minutes.
4. In some cases, deposits or withdrawals could take more than 10 minutes due to network congestion or high traffic on funding wallet administration. Please allow a few additional minutes. We are always expanding the funding wallet workforce and capabilities to give you fast and convenient transaction time.
5. If withdrawals took significant long time, please contact the support team by sending your withdrawal number and your user name. The 24/7 support team will help accelerating the process or fixing the issue immediately.
4. Gas fees on withdrawals will be deducted from the total amount withdrawn in $DINERO. The gas fees paid in $ETH by the funding wallet will be calculated in $DINERO based on the price of $DINERO at the transaction's timestamp.

For a better DINERO Poker experience

1- Use native devices and browsers.
2- We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox for the desktop browser version.
3- Save the login screen to your homepage on your mobile browser.
4- Ensure the game is in full-screen mode to enjoy the best experience.
The mobile app version will be live soon; stay tuned for the launch announcement.

DINERO Poker features

Unique realistic design

The seamless playing experience with a realistic display enables players to play with one hand. Knock for checking and throw chips.

$DINERO enabled

All transactions, including deposits, P2P payments, and withdrawals, are supported via $DINERO token.

Gaming security

We ensure maximum gaming security by leveraging smart, automated chip dumping detection and multiple accounts from the same IP protection.

Fairness and reliability

We integrate ITECH LABS CERTIFICATION, which is the world's most reliable RNG certificate for poker platforms, to ensure a fair game for all DINERO players.