The Start:
🔸 Launch the token - 10/29/2022
🔸 Contract Audit - https://app.solidproof.io/projects/dinero​
🔸 Basic Listings and Updates
🔸 Launch Worldcup dApp
🔸 Launch Poker v1
The Vision:
🔸 Reorganize the poker app and enable $DINERO deposits.
🔸 Launch the casino, enabling deposits of ETH, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies including Dinero token.
🔸 Initiate staking and rewards pools funded with proceeds collected from the Casino & Poker Revenue and Taxes.
🔸 Obtain the necessary licenses for the project to ensure complete legality and scalability.
Dinero Poker Roadmap:
🔸 Improve registration and verification processes
🔸 Enable the acceptance of a wide range of currencies and tokens, including recently trending tokens from partners. For example, users can deposit tokens such as $PEPE.
🔸 Allow P2P Dinero transfers in poker app.
🔸 Make the poker app available for download and enhance its mobile-friendliness.
Dinero Casino Features:
🔸 Rebet ongoing matches
🔸 Pre-match and Live Cash-Out
🔸 Welcome bonus
🔸 First Deposit Bonus
🔸 Push notifications
🔸 Casino Tournaments
🔸 SMS Sign-up
🔸 Live Events
🔸 Match tracker(3D field displays)
🔸 VIP Support
🔸 Live Chat
🔸 Risk Management tools
🔸 Offer complimentary tournaments on a regular basis, including daily and weekly events, featuring substantial prizes that are funded from revenue and taxes.
🔸 Engage professional poker players to participate and evaluate the app at no cost.
🔸 Engage both novice and professional streamers to participate and livestream the games.
🔸 Offer substantial rewards for 1st deposit/sign-up and playing a few hands.
🔸 Promote a referral system.
🔸 Implement a ranking system and introduce a rakeback system.
🔸 Share players' profits and earnings on social media platforms.
Please be aware that the aforementioned plans may undergo changes, improvements, or even be completely revised over time. This page aims to provide a concise overview of the project and our team's vision for Dinero.
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