DINERO value proposition

Performance-based betting

For the first time in the betting industry, the factors of winning points include the performance of teams, players, and athletes. A live integration of performance data statistics provides additional depth to the game by adding performance to the equation. Even if your team loses, if the performance statistics are high, it secures you points that can make the difference in the leaders' dashboard at the end of the competition.
Data for previous teams' performance, players' injuries, and the latest news about players' readiness and conditions are available for users sourced from the highest credible resources in the game.


All in-app transactions, including betting, prize allocation, payouts, and withdrawals, are available on Etherscan. Dinero users can easily browse the transactions to see an in-depth view of the game in the backend, which ensures transparency, reliability, and fairness.


DINERO players don't have to rely on a central authority. Payouts inside DINERO will be guaranteed, secured, and automated. Prizes are allocated directly between the moderator's wallet to the winners' wallets without the need for a third party.

No limits, and Caps

Users enjoy unlimited sizes for participation in betting. Users can choose unlimited number of teams with no cap for number of participations and no limit for betting size. The platform adjusts the pool of prizes based on the size of the betting pool of each round, which gives users unlimited capacity for betting and participation.

Global markets

DINERO is a one-stop betting platform for all major sports competitions, with NBA, UFC, F1, NFL, and Football. The spectrum of competitions available on Dinero gives users unmatched capacity to bet on different games on one Dapp, starting with the FIFA world cup in November.


Anyone from anywhere in the world can use DINERO. Users can use all the platform features with no exclusion for regions, users, or limits on features.


Users log into the platform by connecting their wallets. The wallet represents the player throughout all the gaming process. Players can customize their profile which appears in the winners' dashboard, adding PFP-verified NFTs.


DINERO Dapp runs a complete decentralized operation on the Ethereum blockchain. The decentralization nature of DINERO gives it a huge differentiation in the market with significantly lower fees, higher betting margins for users, higher chances for players to win, and automated payouts.